Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . The following glass drop-off locations are available for City of Flagstaff Residents: Turn east off of Country Club Drive onto Old Walnut Canyon Road. Ron Parker Park: 607 Old Beach Rd.Mills Field: 1805 Racetrack Rd.First Tee Site at St. Johns Golf Club: 4401 Cypress Links Blvd.Davis Park: 210 Davis Park Rd.Tillman Ridge Transfer Station: 3005 Allen Nease Rd.Stratton Rd. Transfer Station: 250 North Stratton Rd. 1300 Willow Street, NLR, AR 72114 . Glass can be recycled by taking these items to the Glass Recycling bin located at 100 W 300 N (SE corner of Smiths parking lot, in the previous RC Willey parking lot). Ripple gathers over 700 tons of glass every single week from residents and businesses in the KC area, and the surrounding region, and then process it into usable materials for remanufacturing as new glass bottles, insulation, countertops, and more. Ripple Glass collection sites are conveniently located all around the KC metro area, and in cities across Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. We also have one more spring glass drop-off event in Seeley Lake on Saturday, April 23rd from 10am-2pm at the [] 2711 Clairmont Rd NE. Reuse glass containers as new storage. For glass drop-off only. Discard lids. The Buckman Road Recycling & Transfer Station is OPEN. Hours: Tuesday 10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Monthly fee: $7.09 per cart. Check out the map below for specific addresses and directions. Bring your glass recycling and donations from $5-20 to help us process the glass, Venmo @brokenarrow glass or bring cash. On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the City of Tucson Mayor and Council voted to remove glass from the residential and commercial blue barrel program and start reusing it. Household hazardous waste collection sites are CLOSED on the following holidays: New Year's Day Please note that glassware (drinking and wine glasses), window glass and lightbulbs of any kind can NOT go into the recycling depot. Tuesdays, 7-9:30 a.m. & 3:30-5:30 p.m. Third Saturday, 7 a.m.-12 p.m. A glass recycle drop off container has been placed behind the Waste Management Transfer Station located at 910 W. Baraga Avenue. Size: 65-gallon with reflective decals on the lid and around the body. Our program is designed to collect material that is recycled into new products. Drop off collections treat the discarded glass as a commodity and prevent the contamination inherent in single stream collection systems.

How Does Glass Recycling Work? 1776 Derrill Dr. Decatur, GA 30032. Recycled glass is sold to glass container manufacturers and made into new bottles and jars. Glass Recycling Drop-Off Locations. Brookhaven Town Hall. This step is often done at the local drop-off facilities. If you contaminate the glass container at your local drop-off with unacceptable items, it may cost your town contamination fees. The new system, instituted in 2019, resulted in 5 million pounds of glass recycled in less than two years. Service is optional. Glass is separated from trash and other contaminants, then sorted by color. Momentum Recycling will provide a 35-gallon can just for glass. 2) Sign up for a pick up program with ACE Glass. Glass Recycling Reminders: Please remove all lids, caps, and corks. All colors of glass bottles and jars are accepted (no color separation required) Once a month collection, with reminders sent via email, text or phone. helping the seller choose when to sell scrap and update the price on a daily basis. In addition to scrap materials such as paper, glass bottles, plastic and metal, the VECA application will add cartons to the list of on-site collection from December 13th 2021. The City partners with Environmental Abrasives to crush glass bottles and jars for reuse. Fire Station #2, 708 N. Eastman Road. Chances are youre closer to a drop-off location than you thought! By removing glass from curbside collection, the Environmental and General Services The site is open: Daily: 7 AM 7 PM. Southeast Drop-off Site. If you live in an apartment, condominium or other multi-family housing, a separate container for glass is provided for you. The City of Dubuque Municipal Services Center at 925 Kerper Ct. Fire Station # 9. Most o f the parks components were processed through the Countys Earth Products Recycling Yard . In fact, about 80% of the glass that is recycled is used to make new glass bottles and jars in as little as 30 days. Click the "i" icon for more information about the map. One Independence Hill, Farmingville, NY Glass collected separately at drop-off sites has a much better chance of being recycled. Decatur, GA 30033. Hi! And a recycler now pays the County to haul away the pre-sorted glass. In addition to curbside glass recycling provided by Waste Management, North Little Rock currently has three locations managed by Ace Glass where residents can also drop off their glass to be recycled: North Little Rock Sanitation . W e will also have a bin for corks and one for metal lids! Currently, the City of Dallas provides over 100 convenient drop-off locations for your recyclables. You can recycle glass bottles and jars by taking them to the following locations:Fire Station 19, 6900 Downwind Rd.First Presbyterian Church, 108 W. Fisher Ave.Glenn McNairy Library, 4860 Lake Jeanette Rd.Kathleen Clay Edwards Library, 1420 Price Park Dr.Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd.McGirt-Horton Library, 2501 Phillips Ave.Medford Service Center, 401 Patton Ave.Solid Waste Transfer StationWhite Street Landfill Fire Station # 10. Please give your glass bottles and jars a light rinse prior to recycling. If you have county trash and recycling service, call 703-802-3322, TTY 711 or schedule the collection online. Glass recycling drop-off locations are becoming increasingly popular and effective in yielding high-quality glass.

Buy fewer products in glass containers and more in recyclable metal or even plastic. Drop-Off Locations. 151 North 72nd Street. Place recyclable glass in separate collection container at the Mom & Pop Drop Off and Recycling Center . Our first glass recycling drop off day is here! To prepare glass for drop-off, please give containers a quick rinse. These centers have recycling containers for residents and small businesses to deposit single stream recyclables. Sign Up. Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District has six drop-off glass sites for residents who do not wish to/can not subscribe to curbside service. The drop-off centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. Contact a location near you for products or services. Glass Recycling.

All glass recycling locations have purple Ripple Glass bins in their parking lots. City of Longview Compost Facility, 2020 Swinging Bridge Road. As a leading glass producer, O-I is also a leading glass recycler. Page updated on May 13, 2022 at 1:30 PM. City of Marquette residents may drop off recyclable glass during open business hours, Monday Friday 9:30 a.m. 3:00 p.m. This temporary shift from bi-weekly drop-off is in response to a higher demand for recycling while curbside collection is suspended. 6404 South 60th Street. Get Directions Located at the parking lot side of the dumpsters at the entrance of the lot. James City County is pleased to offer glass-only recycling to citizens through drop-off. Thats about one Community Recycling Container every 2.3 miles. Recycle ONLY broken bottles and jars.. Broken porcelain, ceramics, Pyrex, glassware, window glass, and mirror glass go in the garbage cart. Broken light bulbs should be put in puncture-proof containers and taken to the HHW drop-off facility (Household Hazardous Waste).. Place small broken glass or ceramic items in a small plastic bag or wrap them in newspaper. Recycle your glass at our free drop-off hub: 3935 Louisa Street - Mondays & Wednesdays from 9am-5:30pm 3935 Louisa Street - Saturdays from 9am-4:00pm *Please note our drop-off hub is occasionally closed due to holidays or weather events. Tewning Convenience Center, 117 Tewning Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188.

These centers have recycling containers for residents to deposit recyclables. Check our website home page or call our free hotline at (504) 356 3435 for real-time updates. There are two alternatives for glass recycling that are offered by ACE Glass Recycling, a local glass business: 1) Take glass to your nearest glass drop off location .

We will help sort the glass from your vehicle into our color separated bins here at our facility.

They are closed 11:00 a.m. Scott Ave. Park ( 3475 South 800 East) Taylorsville Park ( 1628 West 4800 South) Then head to the closest Purple Bin to drop off your glass containers. (between Q and Harrison) This site accepts recyclables free and is a dump location for bulky items and general household waste (there is a fee for all materials except recyclables). Location: 307 White Street Danbury, CT 06810 . Cromwell Architects Engineers 1300 E 6th St Little Rock, AR 72202. HOW TO RECYCLE GLASS IN sANTA fE Glass is NOT accepted in your blue recycling cart. Glass is no longer be accepted in the blue bins, but instead collected at drop-off sites across the city View the Glass Reuse Plan HERE. Glass bottles and jars are no longer accepted with curbside recyclables. How to find glass recycling drop off locations near me. You can drop off glass bottles and jars, any color, up to one gallon in size. Here are the remaining Missoula glass recycling drop-off dates taking place in 2022: Sunday, June 5th Sunday, September 11th Sunday, December 4th All of the above events will be from 9am-2pm at Imagine Nation Brewing (1151 W Broadway). The City has four drop-off recycling centers. While it's true that you can't put glass in your green-lid curbside recycling cart, you can separate the glass from the rest of your recyclables and take the material to any of the 8 glass recycling drop-off locations around the city. Please choose one of our other glass recycling drop-off locations and contact your city leaders here to tell them that you want glass recycling. The bin is located on the east side of the parking lot. To filter your search by collection type, choose a selection on the map drop down menu.

Translate. Glass is picked up on the same schedule as your other recycling. River City Recycling. Glass Recycling Drop-Off. You'll find locations for household hazardous waste mobile collection site, glass collection sites, medication disposal sites, and recycling centers located here. Please bring your glass to one of the recycling drop-off locations located around the City: The Lucia Lane Recycling Drop-Off and the new Agua Fria Drop-Off Sites are OPEN. Curbside Glass Collection.

3868 North Druid Hills Rd. Use a separate bin for glass recycling like a plastic bucket or other type of container that will hold up in the rain. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality. If you need to drop off large loads of yard waste or buy compost, the compost station is located at 1625 S Industrial Pkwy, here in Provo. If a private company collects your trash and recyclables, contact them to arrange for a special collection. Most locations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Atlanta, GA 30329. Coconino County residents can drop off glass at the Cinder Lake Landfill. The following types of glass may be dropped off for recycling in the purple containers: Rinsed glass food and beverage containers (all colors, labels may stay on) You can drop off free of charge at one of our satellite locations listed below. Click on the map icons and press the > icon to view additional information about a specific glass recycling location. Drop-off glass collection programs have proven to yield significant volumes of high quality materials to the glass recycling industry. Fire Station # 8. (formerly 14501 HWY 20 West, now accessed by a frontage road.) We offer curbside glass collection for residents and businesses in addition to glass drop-off collection sites.